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copenhagen ’17

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Here are a few impressions of the beautiful & vibrant city of Copenhagen. For a photographer, the city’s combination of modern architecture & design as well as traditional elements is perfect to find interesting spots and some unconventional views. Its easy to get lost in time here just wandering around and trying to already imagine your surroundings through the perspective of your viewfinder. The harbor area is especially attractive, however it’s also quite overrun (understandably). […]

gilleleje sunrise

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digital / E-M5II / misc

As a small recap for 2017, I want to share some highlights from my summer vacation in Denmark which I missed to blog previously. I visited Gilleleje, a beautiful small town in the Hovedstaden region. Here I experienced  one of the most impressive sunrises I have seen so far (as a reward after having a quite sleepless night). The image above is a 15 sec. exposure including a cruise-ship passing in the background shortly after […]

by the sea

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digital / E-M5 / misc

After a quite long break, I finally managed to take some pictures in my free time again. I am currently traveling and I was visiting Venice today (for the third time now). The first shot I want to share was taken at the area of Lido di Venezia, which I already pictured before at a completely different mood.