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colorful edibles pt. 2

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digital / E-M5II / misc

Following my previous post where I combined some fruits and vegetables with colorful backgrounds, I used the weekend to play around with some of the contents of my shopping bag once more.. For the above images, I again used a quite simple lighting setup consisting of a 400W halogen flood light + diffuser and reflector on opposite sides. I am quite satisfied with the results of this cheap setup – the only downside is the flood […]

[album]tasty & colorful

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digital / E-M5 / misc

Trying out my new (budget) lighting setup with a simple halogen floodlight + diffuser (from the left) and reflector (from right) for around 30€. Fortunately various interesting fruits/veggies were found in the depths of my kitchen for this purpose :) The images were taken with my E-M5 and 45mm f1.8 lens.