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copenhagen ’17

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cityscapes / digital / E-M5II / misc

Here are a few impressions of the beautiful & vibrant city of Copenhagen. For a photographer, the city’s combination of modern architecture & design as well as traditional elements is perfect to find interesting spots and some unconventional views. Its easy to get lost in time here just wandering around and trying to already imagine your surroundings through the perspective of your viewfinder. The harbor area is especially attractive, however it’s also quite overrun (understandably). […]

colorful bergisel

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digital / E-M5II / misc

At the start of my vacation and roundtrip in Tyrol & Bavaria, I visited the Bergisel ski jumping hill and stadium in Innsbruck, Austria. In the mostly empty stadium the colorful patterns immediately appealed to me and I enjoyed trying out various angles and compositions with only one available focal length. All images were taken with my M-Zuiko 25mm f1.8 lens – this was my choice as a single ‘travel lens’ (due to the restriction […]

times square

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digital / E-M5 / misc

I took this image already some time ago during my visit to New York. I was just trying to compose an image with some people on the busy streets when the crying baby appeared on the screen.. So I just took a snapshot with the building in the back as a contrast and I like how this actually turned out. I used my E-M5 and 25mm f1.8 lens for this photo.