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digital / E-M5II / misc


I planned to watch this year’s Perseid meteor shower at a mountain cabin (‘Mödlingerhütte’), at an altitude of 1523m. Unfortunately the sky was quite overcast and only a part of the southern night sky was clear for viewing the stars. Nevertheless, I enjoyed being outside at night and tried to capture a few interesting shots.

Equipment used: E-M5II & 12mm f2.0 lens.

TIE advanced x1

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digital / E-M5II / misc


As an afternoon activity, I practiced a bit on macro-photography today.

I used a small self-built model of Darth Vader’s TIE fighter in front of a dark background and added light and smoke effects with some LEDs and an electronic cigarette (*g*). The whole setup was quite simple with a flashlight as the light source and not much else besides the added ‘special effects’.

Both images were taken with the E-M5 kit lens in macro mode and post-processed in Lightroom to tweak the colors.


bergisel pt. 2

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digital / E-M5II / misc

I had the chance to watch the summer training of Austria’s ski jumpers at the Bergisel ski jumping hill. As you can see the athletes have an impressive view over the city of Innsbruck before they speed down the hill.

The images were again taken with my E-M5II & 25mm f1.8 lens.


colorful bergisel

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digital / E-M5II / misc

At the start of my vacation and roundtrip in Tyrol & Bavaria, I visited the Bergisel ski jumping hill and stadium in Innsbruck, Austria.

In the mostly empty stadium the colorful patterns immediately appealed to me and I enjoyed trying out various angles and compositions with only one available focal length.

All images were taken with my M-Zuiko 25mm f1.8 lens – this was my choice as a single ‘travel lens’ (due to the restriction of having only 1 small backpack with me).