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digital / E-M5II


During my recent trip to Gothenburg, I visited the southern archipelago and made a kayaking trip around Vrångö including some stops on smaller islands. It has been great to paddle across the open sea and finding some bays to explore on these last exceptionally beautiful and sunny days.

The picture was taken with my E-M5II and 12mm lens (which was stowed away ‘under deck’ in a dry bag during the tour which kept it perfectly dry :)


to the moon

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digital / E-M5II / misc


The surface of the moon – as photographed today in the afternoon with a new lens which I recently bought on ebay and just received two days ago: an MTO-11CA  from the russian manufacturer LZOS (built somewhen around 1992). This mirror lens has a focal length of 1m (!) and for this image I used an additional 2x teleconverter on my OM-D E-M5II to see how close I can get.

In order to reduce the atmospheric distortions I stacked 16 individual images (camera set to burst mode) with the free software RegiStax, so that the fine features around the crater areas are enhanced. Additional color fine tuning was done in Lightroom.

All in all, the process of capturing and post-processing the image was really fun (this huge lens also draws some attention from interested bystanders) and I am quite satified with the result.


Edit – 28/04/18

I want to add one more image from the same day taken @ 1000mm focal length without teleconverter. This image was also stacked from several exposures do reduce distortion.


colorful edibles pt. 2

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digital / E-M5II / misc


Following my previous post where I combined some fruits and vegetables with colorful backgrounds, I used the weekend to play around with some of the contents of my shopping bag once more..

For the above images, I again used a quite simple lighting setup consisting of a 400W halogen flood light + diffuser and reflector on opposite sides. I am quite satisfied with the results of this cheap setup – the only downside is the flood light gets really hot after some time, significantly heating up my small working area :)


copenhagen ’17

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cityscapes / digital / E-M5II / misc


Here are a few impressions of the beautiful & vibrant city of Copenhagen.

For a photographer, the city’s combination of modern architecture & design as well as traditional elements is perfect to find interesting spots and some unconventional views.


Its easy to get lost in time here just wandering around and trying to already imagine your surroundings through the perspective of your viewfinder.P8032644P8032643

The harbor area is especially attractive, however it’s also quite overrun (understandably). So, by moving just a bit off the main tracks it’s also quite easy to escape the masses and enjoy the nordic flair.